Emerald - Healing Properties, Meaning, and Uses

The Heart's Best Friend

Quick Info

Uses: Emotional Healing, Love, Compassion, Harmony

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Origin: Worldwide, but especially in Zambia, Columbia, Brazil

Color: Green, Bluish-Green

Birthstone: May


Emerald has long been considered a go-to stone for attracting love, luck, beauty, prosperity, and health. Aligning with the heart chakra and our center of love and compassion, it provides a wide range of healing and metaphysical benefits. Emerald is a great stone for all kinds of relationships; as it naturally promotes harmony and the ability to stay open and receptive to giving and receiving love.

What is Emerald?

Emeralds are a variety of the Beryl mineral family; which also includes Aquamarine and Morganite. Emeralds stand out among other green Beryls as they contain trace elements of vanadium and chromium; giving it its distinct richness of color. Found worldwide in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks; the stone is incredibly popular in all of its forms: as a gemstone, tumbled polished cabochon, or a natural raw specimen.
Moldavites can be green, dark green, and even greenish brown or black in appearance and have a deeply wrinkled texture.  Historically, Moldavite was used to make tools and talismans. Today, it can be utilized within jewelry – in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings – as well as for the purposes of crystal healing. People have been fascinated by this space rock for a very long time. There is even a museum entirely dedicated to Moldavite in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic.

Historically, Emeralds have long been sought out for their beauty, especially in gemstone form. Societies such as the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Incas, and Aztecs all utilized Emeralds as jewelry and for decorative purposes in homes and temples. Some cultures believed Emeralds had unique healing properties and incorporated the stone into medicinal treatments. Today, Emerald is still incredibly popular for its metaphysical properties as well as for its beauty. You can keep chunks of raw Emerald around your home or office, wear an Emerald bracelet or necklace, or keep a polished stone in your pocket as a symbolic talisman.

Emerald meaning and properties – when and how Moldavite can help:

You're upset with someone in your life. 

Emerald has long represented love and harmony, so it can be a great stone to work with when you find yourself in conflict or disagreement with another. First, it naturally balances our emotions and neutralizes any tendencies towards overreaction; helping us process and release any negative feelings that may result from the conflict in question. Second, it eases us into a more patient and divinely loving state where we can more easily see that there is more than one side to a situation. Inevitably, by working with Emerald in this way, it facilitates healthy confrontation as we approach the other person from a place of understanding, openness, and compassion while still maintaining our own position on the matter.

You're starting a new relationship (or want to attract one).

Regardless of the type of relationship you’re venturing into – be it a new friendship, romance, or business partnership – it’s important to start off on the right foot. Solid relationships are built upon honesty, trust, loyalty, and mutual respect. And heart-opening Emerald can help activate these states of being. It encourages authentic connection and helps facilitate soulful, intentional bonds. Keep a piece of Emerald nearby during initial meetings or wear an Emerald bracelet or necklace to align with harmony and success in your new relationship.  Like many crystals and stones that appear green or greenish in color, Emerald is a heart chakra opener. It helps activate the vibration of love and compassion within ourselves so that we become a match for the kinds of relationships and partners we’d like to attract.

You want to feel and experience more beauty.

It is often said that beauty is “in the eye of the beholder” and what one of us finds appealing, another does not. Regardless of what you personally find beautiful, we all know what it feels like to experience beauty; that state of wonder, awe, and delight to the senses. Whether you are feeling a lack of beauty in the world around you or within yourself, Emerald can be a useful talisman. Considered for centuries as a preciously attractive object, Emerald knows a thing or two about the subject. In polished gemstone form or even in its natural rough state, Emerald glows from the inside out; reminding us that beauty is an inner state of being; a willingness to focus on the best in other people and places and to see them through the eyes of unconditional love.

Practical Tips on How to Use Emerald (Rituals, Meditation, & Home)

Ritual For Amplifying Love

1. As love is a state of being – a feeling we all have the capability to experience – we are never without love. We merely need to activate its vibration within our own being to experience more of it. This love-amplifying ritual can be done any day of the week, however it may be strongest on Fridays (the day associated with the Goddess of Love, Venus) and on a full or new moon.

2. Make sure you have a piece of Emerald nearby as well as a few different objects that also represent love for you. Be it construction paper hearts, pictures of people in happy relationships, rose petals, God/Goddess statues, or any other symbols of love; keep these items around you in a circle. You may also want to have a journal or writing utensil nearby in order to write down any observations or thoughts that come up during or after the ritual.

3. Create sacred space by smudging the area around you with a cleansing herb of your choice, like sage or palo santo. Visualize the stale and stuck energy leaving the space around you as you simultaneously visualize 100% pure light and divine love coming in as support.

4. Affirm, “I release any unnecessary energetic cords of attachment. I release any resentments, any heavy emotional baggage I may be holding onto and I release myself from any resentments others may be holding towards me. I release these barriers to love.”

5. Visualize the golden light enveloping you and washing your energetic field of any unhealthy connections, long-held resentments, or any unwanted ties to former relationships. See the light swirling up and around you like a vortex, taking all that you no longer need with it. Let this light take any negative thoughts or unwanted emotions you may be noticing with it as well.

6. Affirm, “I release you to love.”

7. Take your piece of Emerald in your hand and move it to your heart. Think of someone in your life that you love. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or pet bring this person to mind and allow the appreciation and/or adoration you have for them to grow with every breath.

8. Move the piece of Emerald to the circle of objects around you. Visualize green or pink light emanating from the Emerald and touching every object in the circle around you until all the objects glow with the light of love. Let this light of love grow bigger and bigger until it envelopes you. Sit and breathe in the vibration of amplified love.

9. Affirm, “I am love. I am loved. I easily give and receive love in my life.”

10. When you’re ready, open your eyes. Recognize that all of the objects in the circle around you represent the vibration of love, especially your piece of Emerald. Keep it nearby as a symbol of your intention to amplify the experience of love in your life.

How to care for your Emerald

When you bring your Emerald home for the first time, allow it to adjust to your space and its new environment. Rinse it under warm water and clean off any debris it may have picked up using a soft cloth. While it’s important to clean your Emerald, you probably don’t want to immerse it in water for an extended period of time as this can affect its structure and appearance.

For continued care of your Emerald, you can cleanse and charge it regularly. Some ways to do so include: leaving it in the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours, placing it in the Earth overnight, smudging it with a sacred herb of your choice, placing it on a selenite plate, or playing a crystal singing bowl in its presence. Whether you are cleansing or charging your stone, the most important thing is the intention you set as you perform the action.

Final thoughts

Emerald is a powerful stone that inspires success in all of its forms: love, career, home life, and spiritual fulfillment. It helps reset the heart and emotional body to its intended state of openness and receptivity; making the way for deep healing and the release of any unnecessary blocks or stuck energies we may be holding onto. From this state of emotional freedom and renewed hope, Emerald allows us to step into our best and most authentic selves, so that we may attract all of our hearts’ desires and be a beneficial presence to others.

Disclaimer:  Please consult a healthcare professional for any medical advice. The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.