Clear Quartz Crystal - Healing Properties, Meaning and Uses

The Master Healer

Quick Info


Uses: Amplifying intentions and energy from other stones

: Associated with the Crown Chakra

Origin: USA, Brazil and Madagascar

Color: Clear, White 

Zodiac: All

Planet: All




Clear quartz (AKA white quartz, crystal quartz, rock crystal and others) is perhaps one of the most popular stones in the healing crystal world and for good reason. Commonly referred to as “The Master Healer”, it’s a powerful and versatile tool that should be incorporated into everyone's toolbox. Clear quartz is not always clear as it often has inclusions and can sometimes even be cloudy. While some prefer the translucent varieties, the inclusions do not affect the properties of the stone. It’s one of the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust and can come in many forms from geodes to giant crystal boulders. It registers as a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale which puts it on the sturdier end of the spectrum compared to other healing stones.  


What are the meanings and properties of clear quartz?


Jack of all trades and a master of all. We’re joking - kind of. While clear quartz is not the only stone you’ll need in your crystal practice, it certainly covers a lot of bases. In short, clear quartz amplifies energy. That energy can come from a stone, from yourself, or even a space. It’s used to provide energetic clarity where there might be chaos. Like a strict school teacher, it creates order, provides direction and imbues purpose. However, a school teacher can’t speak to an empty classroom. Similarly, clear quartz needs an existing energy to work with.  

You can also use clear quartz to draw out negative energy which you might be harboring yourself or that exists in a space. This attribute of the stone is especially powerful when paired with other stones such as black tourmaline or selenite. Clear quartz can be used to harmonize energy in a setting where there is chaos which makes the stone perfect for creating a space for meditation and calming an overactive mind. 


How to use clear quartz?



Supercharge your morning routine


We need to fiercely protect our mornings as they’re one of the rare moments in the day that we have more control over. One of our favorite rituals in the early hours is to set our intention for the day. For those who aren’t familiar with intentions, they usually come in the form of a short sentence announcing to yourself and the powers that be of your intent to do, think or become something or someone. Below are some of our favorites. 


  • I will do my best today to achieve my goals.
  • I will look for the positive side in negative situations.
  • I will not linger on my mistakes but will learn from them and move on.
  • I will believe I am beautiful and accept my flaws.
  • I will control what I can control.

You can recite your chosen intention as many times as needed until you feel it’s internalized to some degree. Here’s where clear quartz comes in. You can take any form of the stone such as a palm stone, crystal wand, sphere, or point and hold it in your hand while reciting your intention. Clear quartz amplifies the energy you create when deliberately speaking (or thinking) your intention. This not only helps you internalize and act on your intention but realigns your energy and aura as to make the manifestation of your intention much more likely from the outside world.


Optimize your crystal compositions



A crystal composition can refer to any combination of stones arranged in a format for a particular purpose. Incorporating clear quartz into a crystal composition is a popular and powerful tactic used to reinforce a crystal’s or arrangement’s properties. The applications are practically endless but here are several recommendations from our crystal experts. 


  • Place four quartz crystals around the stones you’re cleansing on a selenite charging plate to boost the stone’s purifying properties 
  •  Use a crystal quartz pyramid at the center of your grid to channel the other’s stone’s energy 
  • Create a grid using exclusively different forms of clear quartz in the center of your home to help harmonize chaotic energy flowing through the space

Deepen your meditation



Clear quartz is often used to deepen and enhance a meditative state. As a result, you’re able to reap the benefits of meditation on a deeper and more profound level. You can do something as simple as holding two palm stones in your hands while practicing a basic breathing meditation. Hold the gemstones in both hands and focus on your breath for 3-5 mins to start. The clarifying energy of the clear quartz will not only help you get back on track once your mind inevitably wanders but it will deepen your focus allowing you to over time, remain in a quality meditative state for longer periods. 


Manifesting clarity 



As we outlined earlier, clear quartz creates order from chaos and helps us gain clarity in our lives. This "unclouding" of the mind comes in particularly helpful when we need to make a big decision or even if we’re experiencing a general lack of purpose or direction. Next time you have a moment to yourself and are lost in racing thoughts, grab a clear quartz sphere or wand. You don’t need to do a particular ritual or meditation but continue working through your thoughts and you’ll likely find things popping into place slowly but surely. 


How to care for your clear quartz crystal.


  • Leave it in moonlight overnight or in the sun for a few hours 
  • Bury it underground for 24 hours
  • Cleanse it with a sacred herb of your choice  
  • Use a singing bowl  
  • Run water over the stone for a minute

Our final thoughts.

We can not recommend that you learn how to use clear quartz enough and we hope this article provides you with a good primer on the topic. It’s one of the fundamental healing crystals so the rituals, grids, meditations and other applications are boundless. 

Disclaimer:  Please consult a healthcare professional for any medical advice. The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.