4 carnelian bracelets in hand with 2 on the wrist and 6 in the background with a white backdrop
4 carnelian bracelets on a agate tower with a white background
2 carnelian bracelets next to a quarter on a white background
4 carnelian bracelets on a agate tower with one bracelet on the backdrop next to them with a white backdrop

Carnelian Round Bead Bracelets - (UP4-09-B)

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Listing is for ONE (1) Carnelian Round Bead Bracelets - (UP4-09-B)

Beads Measure Approx.: 10mm

STOCKPHOTOS - These bracelets will vary in characteristics due to them being natural. This bracelet will fit most wrists.


These Carnelian bead bracelets are so beautiful and eye catching. They're perfect to use as an accessory or for your meditation time! Also makes a great gift!

Wearing crystals is one of the best ways to work with their Energy.

***Carnelian is Glassy and translucent with warm, fiery colors of brown, orange, and red. Known as “MOTIVATION STONE”, giving endurance, leadership, and
courage. Carnelians have protected & inspired throughout history, replacing negativity with love and life!

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