hand holding up turquoise howlite triangle with others in the background
hand holding up 9 turquois ehowlite triangles with decorations in the background
turquoise howlite triangles on selenite slab with decorations in the background
selenite slab with turquoise howlite triangles on it
turquoise howlite triangle next to a quarter for size reference on white background

SOLD OUT Turquoise Howlite Triangle

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This Listing is for One (1) Turquoise Howlite Triangle 

*STOCK PHOTO. Item may very in size, color, and weight.

Measurements Approximately: 0.5"L x 0.4"W x 0.07"H

These small Turquoise Howlite Triangles are the perfect crafting material. They can be used to wire wrap or put together with other jewelry. Their definitive veins show off a marble like look. These triangles can be used for filling in small spots in your sanctuary too.

*Howlite is a white stone with fine gray marbling and is very calming. It brings patience & soothes anger. Considered an “ATTUNEMENT STONE” that links the user to
a higher spiritual consciousness. It opens the mind & facilitates awareness while removing veils & exposing the truth. Howlite is an aid to insomnia, strengthens memory & stimulates the desire for knowledge.  

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