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Tumbled Pyrite - 1/2 Pound Bag - Chakra Reiki Stone Pyrite (RK96B28)

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Product Details

This listing is for 1/2 pound bag of pyrite (RK96B28) You get a 1/2 POUND of stones!

High Quality stone for jewelry making, chakra, reiki, crystal grids, divination, home decor, feng shui

The name pyrite comes from ";pyr" the Greek word for fire. Also know as "fools gold". These are beautiful small pyrite stones, please refer to the picture with the quarter for sizing as some pictures are enlarged to show close up detail of these lovely stones.

A great stone to add to your collection or use in any of your projects!

1/2 pound can range depending on the size of the pieces from 3 to 8 pieces

STOCK PHOTO.Each pyrite nugget will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Measures approx.: 22-41mm x 18-35mm


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