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lb Black Kyanite Blades Kyanite By Full Pound or 1/2 lb Healing Stone Specimen Minerals Chakra



Product Details

Listing for 1/2 lb or 1 Full pound of natural black kyanite natural from Brazil. (OB7B5)

Use the drop down menu to select 1/2 lb or 1 Full pound of amazing black kyanite fan blades

Folklore and Legend believe Kyanite to be a calming stone. It's an excellent stone to bring one into a deep, meditative state.

Great for display, educational for children (and adults alike!), can be wire wrapped or set in one of a kind jewelry.

STOCK PHOTOS-- Because these are natural, each stone will vary in size, shape and overall appearance.

AVERAGE measure of stones is approximately 40-71mm x 12-25mm

There are approximately 30-50 pieces in each half pound bag! Great Value!


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