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Druzy Agate Obelisk - You Choose! - Hight Quality Home Decor Piece- Geode Agate - Good for Meditation, Fengshui



Product Details

Listing is for ONE (1) Agate Obelisk. (GC1-11)

Gorgeous natural patterns and shades in each individual obelisk.

These obelisks have approximately 1.75" of base and are approximately 8.3" Tall. Check Pictures for further references.

According to Folklore and Legend:
An obelisk is the perfect shape to place in any room. Originally, obelisks were found in Ancient Egypt, guarding entrances to Temples and other sacred sites. In legend, it is the shape of Gods and Goddesses' that descented from Heaven to this Earthly plane. It's shape has the perfect apex to dissipate stone energies evenly into a room.

Gorgeous natural intricate patterns on each individual obelisk

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