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Raw Citrine Points OB7B4



Product Details

1/4 or 1/2 LB  of citrine quartz crystal points. OB7B4

There are appoximately 16-24 pieces per half pound

As this is by weight quantity will vary and is not exact, just an approximation.

Beautiful for wire wrapping, aura cleansing, feng shui, home decor, reiki, crystal grids and more!

STOCK PHOTOS- Because these are raw and natural citrine crystals, each one will vary slightly in size and appearance.

AVERAGE MEASURE of citrine crystals is approx. 25mm - 48mm x 20mm - 26mm-- sizes will vary.

Please refer to the photo with the quarter for better sizing reference. They will be hand picked specially for you.

Citrine is thought to be a stone that brings fortune and luck. It is known as the "success stone", bringing success and abundance to its holder.
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