Polished Polychrome Jasper Freeform

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Listing: ONE (1) Polished Polychrome Jasper Freeform (DOOAK-S45-01).

Item is a ONE OF A KIND item and you will get the exact item pictured above.

Approx. Measurements: 6.0" x 3.625" x 9.0"

This highly polished Polychrome Jasper is an authentic stone with strong, vibrant energy. This is a unique piece that will add life to any space or would make as a nice gift to a special someone. The freeform stone has stunning hues of reds, browns and greys giving the stone a warm, earthiness to it. The cut base has a small chip but this does not affect its ability to stand on any flat surface. Would will find some lines that seem to be cracks and holes on it, but this is a natural part of the formation and really gives it character!

Polychrome Jasper is a stone that embodies one's true self and helps you channel your energies to the ones closest to you. Strongly connected to fire and earth elements, it aids in stabilizing and balancing our emotions and helps you embody passion, exuberance, vibrancy, vitality, action and creativity! Know as a "GROUNDING & PROTECTIVE" stone, it helps soothe anxiety, reduce fear and lessen insecurity while creating inner balance and helping you to adapt to a current environment.

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