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Labradorite Slab - Display Amazing Flash - Freeform Shape (BS-18)



Product Details

Listing is for ONE (1) Labradorite Slab - Display Piece with Amazing Flash - Freeform Shape (BS-18)

Gorgeous colors with hues of bright blues and green when the light hits. One polished side and other sides unpolished.

Lovely item for your collection, a gift or display! Great lapidary stone too!

Measures approximately 7.5" x 4.5" and .5" thick

Stand is not Included.
To purchase stand go here: 

Labradorite is a wonderful stone, beautiful with it's blue flashes and also one of the most powerful for your higher crown chakra. It has so many uses. According to Legend and Folklore, It is known as the "intuition" stone and can help bring messages from the unconscious mind to the surface helping you to understand other people's thoughts and actions.

Chakra: Third eye, higher crown

Stone may have little cracks or marring but these are a natural part of the stone.

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