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Crown Chakra Balancing Oils - (OF1-S2-B2-07)


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This Listing is for ONE (1) Simply Sacred Oil - Crown Chakra Balancing Oils - (OF1-S2-B2-07)

Violet is for the Crown Chakra which is located on the top of the head. It represents the ability to manifest and connect to The Spirit and to The Divine.

When your Crown Chakra is open and clear, it is a direct connection and open stream to the Spirit. It provides the energy of Enlightenment and the supreme state of awareness. 

Essential oils have been known as the “life blood”, “life force” and “pure essence” of a plant, which is distilled from its leaf, flower, bark, root, stem and/or seed and carries the essence of the plant. Stones, crystals and minerals have been used for thousands of years to enhance emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

These stones and oil blends come in a 10ml rollerball pen.

Genuine Semi- Precious Stones Inside Each Bottle. Infused with Amethyst.

Made by  - SimplySacredOils -

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