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Platinum Aura Colored Druzy Pendant Titanium Treated Cabochon (RK71B9-11)



Product Details


Listing is for ONE (1) Platinum Aura Colored Quartz Druzy Pendant Titanium Treated Cabochon (RK71B9-11)


Select the pendant of your choice

Approx Measurements:
1: 22mm x 30mm
2: 33mm x 35mm
3: 31mm x 35mm
4: 35mm x 53mm
5: 29mm x 35mm
6: 25mm x 43mm

Treated with titanium to achieve a holographic luster.

Great for jewelry making, collecting. High Quality Natural Stones.

These are direct from our facilities in Brazil, Beautiful Natural high grade druzy from Uruguay Cut and polished in Brazil. A grade for jewelry making!

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