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Amethyst Bookends - Geode Crystal bookend - Chakra stones - Reiki Crystals - Home Decor - Meditation



Product Details

This listing is for BOTH HALVES of the bookend. You get one complete PAIR at this amazing low price! Awesome Specimen with Calcite Cluster.

1 (ONE) exact Amethyst bookend pair shown in the picture.  Large Crystal Points and Soft Purple Coloring! (GC1-90)

This Amethyst bookend pair is approximately 6.9 lbs and measures approximately 6" x 3.55"" x 3.5" inches.

These are beautiful handmade Amethyst bookends! Each bookend is cut, and polished by hand in Brazil from rough Amethyst Crystal geodes. Geodes are ancient rocks formed from gas bubbles on past volcanic eruptions or by the dissolution of sedimentary concretions like quicksand over million of years and are known to carry great power within them.

Each agate geode is hand selected for it's natural beauty from rough material, hand cut in halves and polished. They look amazing as natural home decoration and keep books align and straight on shelves bringing harmony to the room.

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