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Grossular Garnet - Green garnet Stone - Tumbled Stone, Crystal Grid, Energy Stone



Product Details

This listing is for 1 (ONE) Grossular Green Garnet (TS-34)

Buy in Bulk and SAVE! Use the drop down menu to select 1, 5, or 10 pieces. For larger quantity please message us.

STOCK PHOTO. Natural Stones may vary in size, shape and color. You will receive one stone similar to the ones in pictures.

Measure size approx.: 1.3"

Grossular Garnet is a calcium aluminum silicate with the more popular shades being green. Its name is derived from the latin word for gooseberries, because of the light-green similarity of colors to the berries.

According to Legend and Folklore only : As a stone of strength, Grossular Garnet will benefit new business ventures, promoting growth and warm client contact. Grossular Garnet enhances relaxation and going with the flow, and inspires service and cooperation. It also injects some romance and fun into an over-practical life, boosting passion and energy in a love weighed down by worry.

These stones came form Pakistan.

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