Tigers Eye Flat Oval Bead Bracelet

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Listing: ONE (1) Colorful Tigers Eye Flat Oval Bead Bracelet (1BROWNSHELF-91T).

STOCK PHOTO: Each item will vary slightly in color and other characteristics.

Take Tiger's Eye with you everywhere with this bracelet! The beads are stringed on elastic, which allows it to fit most wrists. The beads are made of Yellow, Blue and Red Tiger's Eye and are beautifully carved and polished into flat oval shapes. Make one of these yours today, or gift to someone special!

Weight: 31g - 34g

Approx. Bead Size: 1cm x 5mm

* Yellow Tigers Eye is known as the “POWER STONE”. Lovely bands of yellow-golden color through silky lusters of brown to red color. This is a powerful stone that aids in harmony and balance, helping to release anxiety and fear. Focus on its shimmery luster and it will help you make decisions with understanding, and uncloud your emotions.  < Root Chakra >

* Blue Tiger's Eye is a symbol of strength, courage, calm, and savvy communication skills. This stone is rich in healing energy that can energetically charge and cleanse certain chakras in the body namely < Throat Chakra > & Third Eye Chakra >.

Red Tigers Eye can be used to make one feel more secure in life and about themselves. This crystal is also a strong motivational stone and can be used to bring a sense of order and calm to ones life, even when you feel you're juggling too many things.  < Root Chakra >

Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome. We have your best interest at heart. We hope that each user has a positive experience with our products.

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