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Citrine Cluster - OOAK (GC9-06)

Sold Out

Product Details

This Listing is for ONE (1) Citrine Cluster - Home Decor - ONE OF A KIND (GC9-06)

This piece measures approximately: 3.25" x 3.50" x 4"

Extra Nice Specimen - Citrine Cluster Sure To Impress.

Citrine is known to be the leading manifestation stone and when combined with your energy of intention and affirmation it can be a powerful stone. If you sleep with a piece under you pillow you can continue manifesting as you sleep.

Some of our listings may contain some of the spiritual properties of stones. We offer these only as inspiration and reference. We do not make any claims that stones can make a change in your life. These properties are in no way meant to replace or diagnosis. Please seek the advise of a medical professional.

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