Amethyst stalactite cluster in a woman&
Amethyst stalactite cluster on a gray background.
Side view of the amethyst cluster stalactite showing it is white amethyst druzy held in a woman&
Other side view of the amethyst stalactite cluster showing it is brown shades with white and purple clusters on top.
Side view showing it is brown shades
Amethyst stalactite cluster in a woman&

Amethyst Stalactite White Cluster One of a Kind Mineral


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This listing is for a unique white amethyst stalactite formation as pictured.  One of a kind find.

Amethyst Stalactite is a gemstone for creativity, happiness, love, calm, healing, and brings energies of peace. It promotes deep feelings of love and personal connection. Stalactites form as water laden with calcium carbonate drips from the roof of caves. As the dripping continues, layers of calcite are deposited in rings and over time they settle on top of each other creating the stalactite. A process only time and nature can create. 

Measures approximately

3" wide by 3" tall

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