Crystal Quartz Pendant on Tiger Eye /Crystal Quartz Mala beads

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This Listing is for 1 (ONE) Crystal Quartz Pendant on Tiger Eye /Crystal Quartz Mala beads.

This a beautiful combination of Tiger Eye and Crystal Quartz Mala beds with gold. 
It comes with a small Crystal Quartz Pendant with gold. A elegant neck to wear for an occasions, This necklace will make a lovely gift for a loved one. Grab yours while you can!

ONE OF A KIND ITEM and you get the exact one as shown in the photos.

Measurements Approx:  20.25"L x 1.75"W x 0.25"H

Weight Approx: 0.095 kg

 ****Tigers Eye is known as the “POWER STONE”. Lovely bands of yellow-golden color through silky lusters of brown to red color. This is a powerful stone that aids
harmony and balance, helping to release anxiety and fear. Focus on its shimmery luster and it will help you make decisions with understanding, and uncloud your

Crystal Quartz is considered a “POWER STONE”, crystal enhances many forms of energy by absorbing, storing, and balancing it. With its ability to transmit and channel
universal energy, crystal quartz is beneficial in manifesting, meditating, and healing. It promotes greater wisdom, spiritual growth, and creativity.

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