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5 pieces Kunzite Raw Spodumene Stone (RK109B18-04(5QTY)



Product Details

Listing is for Five pieces of (5) raw spodumene Kunzite - RK109B18-04(5QTY)

STOCK PHOTO. Each stone will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

Stones will vary in size, please see photo with quarter for reference.

The measurement of these pendants is approx.: 14-42mm x 6-26mm

Spodumene is a mineral the can be many colors, such as white, colorless, gray, pink, lilac, violet, yellow, or green, and it leaves a streak of white. There are different names for spodumene depending on the color. Pink and lilac spodumene is called kunzite, and green spodumene is called hiddenite. The name spodumene comes from Greek word spodumenos, which means burnt to ashes. Kunzite was named after the author and geologist, George F. Kunz. The name hiddenite was named after A.E Hidden.

Spodumene has perfect cleavage and it has a hardness of 6-7.5. You can find this beautiful mineral in California, North Carolina, South Dakota, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Spodumene is often found in large crystals. They are enormous and can be up to 42 feet long. People have found spodumene weighing up to 91 tons!

This gemstone is a very big source of lithium to use in ceramics, mobile phones, automotive, and medicine.

Legend and Folklore states :Spodumene is great for achieving meditation states. Holding spodumene helps clear away negativity, by connecting one to Universal Love.

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