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Qinghai Jade Polished Spheres - BY WEIGHT (RK302)



Product Details

Listing is for ONE (1) Qinghai Jade Polished Sphere - BY WEIGHT (RK302B)

Jade is prized by many cultures across the world. It is thought to bring good luck, and that is why you often see it used in statues for Feng Shui and it is gifted to babies as a bracelet in China.  Jade is also a stone of balance and harmony.  Many also believe it to bring abundance in love and wealth.  

STOCK PHOTO - These stones will vary in size and characteristics due to them being natural.

Measurements will range as sizing gets higher. Some crystals with be wider,longer,thicker, or thinner than others.

These stones are highly polished and smooth. Amazing quality!


*you can select your desired weight by using the option menu.*

These are perfect for your home or office display, crafts, wire wrapping, keeping in your mediation space, adding to your collection, or even gifting!

They perfect for your decor, keeping in your meditation space, spiritual practices, or even gifting!

Thank you and have an amazing day!

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