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Green Aventurine Faceted Triangles - By Weight (RK3037B1)



Product Details

This listing is for 1 (ONE) Green Aventurine Triangle - By Weight (WRHS1-S1)

STOCK PHOTOS - These stones may vary in size and characteristics due to them being natural.

Measurements will range as sizing gets higher. Some stones may be small but thick, or tall but thin, etc..


**You can select your desired stone weight by using the option menu**

Perfect for home or office decor, crafts, gifting, or keeping in your meditation space!

Aventurine is known as the “STONE of OPPORTUNITY”. Aventurine is believed to comfort and protects the heart, and can help attract love later in life. Helps one with Personal Growth. Known for its soothing energy and increasing your favor in competitions.

Thank you and have an amazing day.

Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome. We have your best interest at heart.
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