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Pink Lemurian Point - Chakra Cleansing Crystal Points Healing Stones



Product Details

This listing is for ONE (1) Pink Lemurian Point
All vary in size, shape, and color
There are 7 different size variations you can choose from

These are a large size, direct from the mines in Brazil.  Pink Lemurian crystals are more rare then regular crystal points, it is not often we come by such a nice quality batch.  All hand selected on our last trip to Brazil.  Pink Lemurian crystals are thought to emit a very high vibration.  They get their pink color from hematite dust within them.  Ancient civilizations have used Lemurian Crystals for a long time in their healing practices.  They have ladder like texture on the sides, which is thought to hold the knowledge of these ancient civilizations.  Lemurian crystals are wonderful to meditate with and can be used to clear all your chakras.   

0-100 grams (RK112B6)
100-200 grams (RK112B7)
200-300 grams (RK112B8)
300-400 grams (RK112B9)
400-500 grams (RK112B10)
500-600 grams (RK112B11)
600-700 grams (RK112B12)

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