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Crystal Points Crystal Polished Point Stone for Display - Choose Size: 40-150g and Qty: 1, 5, 10 - Beautiful Home Decor Piece - Amazing Quality



Product Details

You will receive Lovely Crystal Polished Point Stone - Beautiful Home Decor Piece Amazing Quality

As they are natural stones, each one may differ from another in shape, size and color.

STOCK PHOTO. Each pendant will vary slightly - The measurement of these crystal points range from approx.: 1-2" x 1.25-3"

Chose your size by weight 

40-80 gram crystals

80-100 gram crystals

100-150 gram crystals 

Beautiful Display piece for your home, crystal grid, sacred space, fang shui, art projects, paper weight or use for Jewelry making. Sure to be an item you will love! High Quality Crystal points that are hand cut, and polished in Brazil.


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