Frontal view of Large Amethyst Freeform Cluster, with hand at left side for size reference.
Side view of bottom of the Large Amethyst Freeform Cluster.
Up close view of amethyst cluster formation within the Large Amethyst Freeform Cluster.
Up close view of the Calcite formations found on the Large Amethyst Freeform Cluster.
Up close view of Stalactite found on the Large Amethyst Freeform Cluster.
Back view of Large Amethyst Freeform Cluster.
Aerial view of the back of Large Amethyst Freeform Cluster, laying face down on wooden surface. A yard stick is next to it for size reference.

Large Amethyst Freeform Cluster

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Listing: ONE (1) Large Amethyst Freeform Cluster (LBC-09).

This item is a ONE OF A KIND and you will receive the exact one as is seen in the photos.

Approx. Measurements : 6.5" x 10.5" x 13.0"

Weighs over 22 pounds!

This gorgeous Amethyst freeform cluster is a rare find with Stalactite and Calcite formations along the left and bottom edges. The back of it has been cemented, allowing for this piece to be displayed on its back or side. Gift to a special someone or yourself! Any crystal collector is sure to fall in love with this Amethyst!

* Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes. It promotes tranquility, balance, and peace. Physically, amethyst has been called the “SOBRIETY STONE” and helps in healing many kinds of addictions and destructive behaviors.  < Third Eye Chakra >

* Amethyst Stalactite is a gemstone for creativity, happiness, love, calm, healing, and brings energies of peace. It promotes deep feelings of love and personal connection. Stalactites form as water laden with calcium carbonate drips from the roof of caves. As the dripping continues, layers of calcite are deposited in rings and over time they settle on top of each other creating the stalactite. A process only time and nature can create.

* Calcite is the stone of “EMOTIONAL HEALING”. It supports in relieving emotional fears, depression and stress, which bring balance and inner peace to our physical, mental, and emotional being. It clears negativity in the environment and aids in purifying our surroundings.  < Sacral Chakra >

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