How To Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

Revitalize Your Crystals



When it comes to working with crystals, the concepts of cleansing and charging are often discussed. These subjects tend to inspire a variety of questions, such as, “Do I need to cleanse my crystal? Do I need to charge it? What’s the difference between cleansing and charging? And how do I do it?"

When we talk about cleansing a crystal or stone, we’re talking about releasing the energy it may have absorbed from its environment. This can, of course, include any dust or debris it may have picked up along the way. That is why it’s always a good idea to rinse your crystal under warm water and wipe it with a soft cloth when you first bring it home. There are some crystals and stones which should not be rinsed or submerged in water, so you’ll want to check if yours is one of these beforehand!

Charging a crystal or stone is similar to watering a plant; we provide it regular nourishment and opportunities for rejuvenation. We do this by reconnecting the crystal to the Earth; its original source. Giving our crystals this kind of attention is equivalent to the self-care and pampering activities we might do for ourselves. It keeps them happy! As many people program their crystals to assist them with certain intentions, charging can be a beneficial practice when done regularly as it can help amplify those intentions.


Ways to cleanse and charge your crystals:




1. When you wake up in the morning, place your crystal on some soil or on a windowsill, somewhere in the path of the sun. Most crystals can get direct sunlight but some shouldn’t be left out in the sun at all as it can cause them to fade, dry out, or even break. So, do your research first and find out whether your crystal is sun-sensitive.

2. Set the intention to have the sunlight either cleanse the crystal or charge it. You can also ask it to do both! Visualize the outcome you desire; trusting the sun’s nourishing light to provide your crystal with whatever it needs.

3. Leave the crystal out in the sun for a couple of hours at most.   


1. This practice can be done during any phase of the moon, but it is most powerful when the moon is full. Place your crystal in the moonlight, either outside in the dirt or on a windowsill. 

2. Set the intention to cleanse or charge the crystal, or to do a combination of both. Visualize the moonlight nourishing the crystal, providing it with whatever it needs. Leave your crystal out overnight.

3. The next morning, retrieve your crystal from its spot on the windowsill or outside.

Sacred Herbs

1. Just as you would clear your own aura with sacred herb smoke, you can also cleanse your crystal; clearing out any stuck, lower vibrational energies it may have absorbed.

2. Select the sacred herb of your choice. Open the windows or doors and make sure there is a way for the smoke to leave your environment. Set the intention to clear your crystal of any unwanted energies.

3. Light the herb. Whether you are utilizing a bundle or breaking up pieces of the herb and lighting it from a shell or dish, hold your crystal in the path of the smoke. Visualize the stale and unwanted energy getting removed from the crystal and leaving the room along with the waft of smoke. Snuff out the sacred herb.

4. Hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand and visualize white light entering it; charging and reinvigorating the crystal as it does.


1. Sound is a natural energy shifter. If you want to utilize sound to cleanse or charge your crystal, decide whether you are going to use a singing bowl, gong, bell, chimes, or another instrument. Crystal singing bowls are typically made of high vibrational quartz which makes them a wonderful choice for this practice.

2. Set the intention to clear the crystal of any unwanted energies it may be holding onto. Open the windows or doors as a symbolic gesture, so the energy has somewhere to go.

3. Play your instrument of choice in close proximity to the crystal. Visualize the sound removing what needs to be removed while also charging and realigning the crystal to its ideal state.


1. Selenite is a powerful energetic cleanser. Whether you’re using it on your body, your house, or your crystals, it will help purify whatever field it touches; restoring  energetic balance. You can cleanse and charge your other crystals with selenite of any shape or configuration; be it a selenite wand, flat plate, or bowl. 

2. Hold the selenite in your hand and feel its cool and calming energy. As with all cleansing or charging, the intention you set is most important as are the beliefs you hold about the outcome.

3. If you are using a selenite wand, wave the wand over your crystal; acknowledging that all that needs to be released from the crystal is being released. If you have a selenite plate (or a larger selenite wand) you can place the crystal to be cleansed and/or charged on the surface of the plate. If you are using a selenite bowl for this purpose, place your crystal in the selenite bowl. Keep your crystal on the plate or in the bowl as long as you desire.



Final Thoughts




While there are many different opinions when it comes to the right way to care for your crystals, the best thing you can do is trust your instincts. It’s important to do your research and to learn techniques from others, but always check in with yourself (and your crystals)! What feels like the best fit? Which cleansing and charging practices sound appealing to you? Let your intuition be your guide. However you choose to work with your crystals, you can’t get it wrong! 





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